Thursday, October 14, 2010

Episode 006: Adios Amigos

This episode was a fun one to work on... lots of action as usual. Laser canons, lava inside a volcano.
Above: A few of the characters for this episode, designed by show creators Jorge Gutierrez, and Sandra Equihua.

In most t.v. shows, the character colors are usually final BEFORE the color script has even been started. Usually these colors are "locked"... because of production reasons. Meaning, you have to use the colors given you, and you can't change those colors. One of the biggest challenges in making a color script is getting the characters to read clearly on the backgrounds. This usually doesn't mean a single background, it usually means an entire sequence of backgrounds. Imagine designing a room for the lineup of girls above... each one of these characters has to read clearly. Sometimes as a compromise you have to design backgrounds that aren't so nice to look at color wise... just so that all the characters can read. Even with careful planning, I would sometimes miss a character, or a spot of action, and have to rework things a bit. It's a lot of work... but it's a nice challenge... and it's satisfying when you pull it off.

Episode 004: Boots! Sole of a Hero

Another super saturated, exciting adventure of El Tigre!

This episode had a lot of elements... so to make this easier for Jorge, and Roman, I gave a few variations of each scene. Which by this point in the production was sort of the standard way I was approaching the show. One of the disadvantages of not working in house was that that all of us couldn't look at the same computer monitor. The colors, and values, appear different on every screen. I found it easier to get approvals when I gave a range of things to pick from.