Sunday, December 6, 2009

El Tigre! location design

-Before El Tigre went into production, show creators Jorge Gutierrez, and Sandra Equihua and art director, Roman Laney and I talked about what direction the show should take. At this point the show hadn't been "green-lit". I started making rough pencil, and then sketches of the main locations that would eventually be used in the pilot episode.

Above: A few of my early exploratory sketches from "El Tigre!"

Most of my early sketches were close in value, with little or no black in the backgrounds. There was a lot of black on the characters, and I wanted them to read well. But this gave a sort of calm feeling, and Jorge wanted everything in the show to be "Super Macho!"... having more contrast, more texture, more of everything. It made designing a bit more difficult, but also gave the intensity Jorge wanted. A lot of the art styling was worked out in the pilot by Roman. By the time "El Tigre" had been picked up as a series... the look had been fully established.

Above: Art director, Roman Laney, and his team took a lot of the development art, and created a beautiful, and unique look for "El Tigre". Check out Roman's website to see more amazing art from the show.

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