Sunday, December 6, 2009

Episode 001 : Vendetta

My main job on "El Tigre" was working with the creative team to help establish the color and look of each episode by creating a rough "colorscript"... indicating color, light, and mood. This information was then passed onto the rest of the team to help guide the art.

All my color scripts are based on director Dave Thomas' beat boards. Dave's boards are great to work on... the staging is clear... and there is little guesswork on my part.

Each week show co-creator Jorge Gutierrez, art director Roman Laney, Dave Thomas and I would have a phone conference and talk about the direction each episode should go... and any adjustments that I would need to make on the previous weeks episode.

The First production episode of El Tigre was probably one of the more difficult ones. We were still trying to establish the style and look of the show... so I tried out a few color variations throughout the episode. The colorscripts became easier and easier as we established the color of each location. Though this could also change... depending on the mood and story we were telling. Jorge hates purple and pinks, because they are not manly enough. In this episode I wanted to echo the purples and pinks of the villains costume in sections of the episode. But I gave him an alternate "bluer" version. Surprisingly he and Roman decided to go with the pink/purple version.

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